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-====== Inhalt ======+====== Introduction ======
-===== Introduction =====+===== Basics ===== 
 +Then check out the directories in view/theme/ - these are all the different themes. They have at minimum a theme.php and a style.css.
 +Some of them extend others, others are standalone.
 +You can use any of these, and make a new theme. The .tpl files in view/ are files the ~friendica  template system uses to render the pages.
 +Many of the file names are self-explanatory, and you can find those names embedded in the the php files in mod/ and include/ (mostly mod/).
 +If you want to make a change to a template, you can copy the relevant file in view/, and copy it to your new theme's directory, and hack at it. Try to stick to the elements' class and ids, to make things easier for yourself and other theme developers.
 +There is one more file in view/ that's important, called default.php. This file is the main file that everything depends on in the template system, and forms the basis for all the pages. As you can see when you open it, you'll see the basic HTML (5) elements, like , , etc.
 +You can add any Javascript libraries you like, but note that jQuery is already present in core, so no need to add that. You can add jQuery plugins, but please note that some plugins have performance issues, and so be careful what you add. Also, don't go overboard doing so, as to keep the page loading and rendering time down.
 +The license is BSD-ish (see the or the github sites for details), so very liberal, but bringing in proprietary code wouldn't be cool, so don't do that .
 +There is a group called @Friendica Theme Developers you can join for help, advice, or sharing or anything else theme-related. All the theme developers are in it (and others too). So don't be shy and come check us out.
 +Other than that, have fun theming 
 ===== Before you start ===== ===== Before you start =====
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 ===== contribute/upload your theme ===== ===== contribute/upload your theme =====
 +===== FAQ =====
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